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Longmont, Colorado Biochar Demonstration, 2019

Background: Fourteen people attended a biochar demonstration in Longmont, Colorado on December 10, 2019. Darren McAvoy, Wildland Resources Extension Assistant Professor was invited by the City of Longmont Parks, Open Space, and Trails to give the workshop on making biochar using flame cap, metal kilns. The City of Longmont Parks, Open Space, and Trails manages more than 30,000 acres of forest and are interested in using this technique to help restore areas that were impacted by a major flood in 2013. The flooding event changed the water table and created an influx of dead standing and dead, downed trees. They plan to remove this woody vegetation, use onsite kilns to process it into biochar, and apply the biochar to nearby, affected areas to help with weed and invasive species control. Partners for this event included the Colorado Open Space Alliance.