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Biochar Demonstration - Blanding, UT - March 28, 2018

Background: Participants attended the demonstration in Blanding where pinyon pine and juniper were pyrolyized in simple, low-cost kilns and made into biochar to demonstrate (to private landowners) alternatives for dealing with unmerchantable wood.

Objective: The objectives of these projects are to introduce a new method for making biochar that is portable, low-cost, and widely accessible. By introducing this technique to the Utah wildland fire community, arborists, Extension agents, loggers and landowners as a means of hazardous fuels reduction, the UBRG hopes to encourage the use of kilns for making biochar and as a result, reduce hazardous fuels in Utah.

Partners: San Juan County Fire Warden, Utah Biomass Resources Group, Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, & State Lands, Lone Peak Engine Crew.