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Biomass is any organic matter that is renewable. Biomass is stored solar energy.

The mission of the Utah Biomass Resources Group (UBRG) is to assist in building a sustainable biomass utilization industry in Utah. Increased wildfire activity across the western U.S. has increased the pace, scale and need for hazardous fuels reduction. Creating value for these millions of tons of waste wood is our highest priority. Sustainable biomass industries aid in promoting forest health, watershed protection, renewable resource utilization, and rural job development.


Utah State University Extension coordinates, facilitates and manages the UBRG to carry out these goals:

    • Facilitate the utilization of biomass and assist in establishing biomass markets to increase local economies and help managers meet forest and woodland health goals.
    • Generate community support and positive public opinion by developing outreach and educational tools promoting the benefits of biomass utilization.
    • Identify appropriate technologies and scale(s) for biomass utilization.

Biochar Success Stories

biochar success

Read success stories from our partner: Joint Fire Science Program


UBRG is sponsored in part by:

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