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Pine Valley Ranch - Big Box Biochar

On Thursday, April 22, the Utah Biomass Resources Group (UBRG) headed to Summit County, UT to assist a Utah forest landowner in biochar production on his land. With 17 attendees, the UBRG demonstrated how to produce biochar and capture carbon using big box kilns while reducing hazardous fuels. Two big box kilns were used, the BB12 which measures 12'x6'x4' and the BB16 which measures 16'x8'x4'. The kilns were loaded and tended using a mini excavator, and they were moved around the forested site by dragging them with a pickup truck. The biochar was produced using hazardous fuels left behind after a salvage harvest that was done to remove mixed-conifer beetle killed trees. A salvage harvest is the practice of removing deteriorating trees before their value is lost. UBRG treated 75 tons of hazardous fuels that remained on the property. The landowner, a cattle rancher who already makes his own biochar on a small scale, will apply the produced biochar to his greenhouse, garden, and pastures.